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Pride Life Opinions is an online research panel brought to you by Pride Life Ltd. Pride Life is the largest LGBT-focussed publication in the UK and the USA, producing a regular glossy life style magazine, as well as an informative and entertaining website, covering everything that matters to the discerning and intelligent gay man or woman – and that means you!

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Pride Life wants the LGBT community’s opinions on a variety of different issues so we can find out what is important to you and improve rights, products and services for everyone.

By joining the Pride Life Opinions Panel you can have your voice heard on a wide range of topics: anything from pop culture to the scene, from health issues to the current political climate.

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Your time is valuable to us, and so every time you share your opinion, you will earn reward points which you can trade for lifestyle or business gifts once you have collected 1000 points. You will also gain automatic entry into our monthly competition where you can have the chance of winning anything from free magazines to the latest hi-tech gadgets, as well as fabulous nights out and weekends in your favourite locations.

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